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“Komitov & Tzekov” Law Partnership

Legal protection and assistance since 1993


“Komitov & Tzekov” Law Partnership was established in 1993 by the lawyers Enyo Komitov, Trendafil Danailov and Lubomir Tzekov.

Since its establishment the lawyers from the law office have participated in some of the most significant criminal and civil cases of high public interest.

In providing legal protection and assistance, “Komitov & Tzekov” Law Partnership sets as its highest priority the fulfilment of the clients’ interests.

Areas of Practice

Civil law


Tort law


Contract law

Commercial law, work with the Commercial Register

Property law, regulation, spatial planning legislation and real estate deals

Family and inheritance law

Labour law


Order of proceedings


Enforcement proceedings

Intellectual property, trademark registration

Administrative law

Administrative penal proceedings

Criminal law

Legal representation and defense

Our Principles

A priority in the work of the law office is the personal approach to each client, the consideration of the client’s problem in its complexity, as well as providing the optimal solution for each specific case.

For the lawyers from “Komitov & Tzekov” Law Partnership, the principles that are the foundation of the Constitution of the Republic of Bulgaria and the Bulgarian Bar Act are not just legal texts, but a real criterion and motivation for their professional efforts.

Owing to the exceptional good faith in practicing law, “Komitov & Tzekov” Law Partnership enjoys sustainable progress in its development, as well as lasting contacts with its permanent clients, constantly increasing the areas of the legal services we provide.

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